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Pot Planting Ideas for Vegetable Garden on Roof

Vegetables are the main source of vitamins and minerals of our body. So, the fresher vegetable we will eat, the healthier we will be. The urban people generally depends on the market for fresh vegetable to maintain good health. But, vegetable can be cultivated on the roof and porch in large, medium and small pots in different size by means of less labor.

best potting soil

The vegetables which can be cultivated in pots are tomato, broccoli, okra, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, Ridge gourd, pumpkin, beans, ipomoea aquatic suit, gourd, Malabar spinach, papaya, mint leaves, coriander leaves, lettuce and broccoli etc.

Best Potting Soil

For preparing the seedbed, soil should be shuffle, light and having the capacity of water retention. Soil should be refined by sieved to make it free from germ. Seedbed soil will be made by mixing halt sandy loamy soil with half organic fertilizer. If the soil is not sandy loamy, mix ¼ percent sand with the soil for the better germination.

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By refining and sterilize the soil, we can easily protect the young plant from diseases and damage. Generally 40% of 1 litter formaldehyde is mixed with 40 litters of water and 25 litter of such mixer is applied at per cube meter of soil. Then two days later, cover the soil with gunny sack and unveil the soil and thus the soil becomes free from germ.

Sowing and Irrigation of Pot Planting

Soil should be shuffled by previous rules and the upper section of the pot or container should be shared flat. The seeds should be sowed very lightly into the pot grabbing the whole selected area. The seeds should be drowned by organic fertilizer. Water should be given every day with a small leaky water pot. It is needless to notice that the organic fertilizer prevents the seeds being removed from the actual position by the speed of water.

So it should be noticed carefully weather the level of fertilizer is not removed being washed. Again, the small seeds can be moved and germination process can be interrupted. So, there should be a facilities of irrigation from the bottom; not from the upper of the seedbed.

Care of Pot Planted Vegetable

Sometime different kinds of birds, ants and spiders etc. can damage vegetable seedling. Heptachlor 40 is given to protect the corps from attracts of ants and spiders. But a net of wire or nylon should be spread over and around of the areas with a view to save the crop from birds and insects. Sometime it happens that there are different kinds of weeds in pot before sowing. Seedlings of the pots should be weeded out by hoe.

We should do the task carefully so that the plants are not hurt. It is mostly important to place the pot such a position where air and light is available. But the pots should be removed to the safe place from additional storm- rain- sun- heat.

Collecting of Vegetables

Growing Vegetables in PotsIt is an important task to collect the vegetable timely. It is better to fulfill the consumption when the vegetables are soft and fresh. Collecting the vegetable timely will increase the production rate as well. Vegetable cannot be collected by plucking it harshly, rather it should be collected softly and friendly. In this way, vegetable tree will not be harmed.

The Benefits of Cultivation in Pot

There are several advantages of cultivating vegetables in the pot. They are as below:

  1. Pot saves vegetables from natural disaster, heat, excessive rain, drought, storm, tempest etc.
  2. Vegetables can be saved from oppression of birds and animal by net.
  3. The expenses can be minimized by using unused pot or other things.
  4. One should not expense additional seeds.
  5. Organic manure or pesticides made at home can be applied.
  6. It can be used in house to decorate the outlook. Ultimately it will increase beauty of our surrounding as well.

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