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How to Grow Okra or Lady’s finger, its Nutrition and Care

Okra or Lady’s finger is a popular vegetable all over the world. Lady’s finger or Okra contains a lot of vitamin “C” and “B” and also contains iron, vitamin “A” and minerals. Continuously consumption can also helps to improve digestion. You can also farming new vegetable Broccoli.

How to Grow Okra or Lady

Alimentation and Usefulness of Okra

It has found everywhere. The importance of Okra never moves down for its instinctive food values. Rather Okra is known as “nutrition hero” to nutrition scientist considering its multiple usefulness. Besides, it is used for treatment of various diseases.

It contains 21 mg vitamin C, 2g protein, 60 mg magnesium, 3g dietary fiber, 7.6 g carbohydrates, 80 mg Follett, 0.1 g fat and 30 g calorie. It has been reported that okra plays an important role to prevent various diseases for its food values.

A Quick Over-View of Okra’s Alimentation

  • It is protect to get high cholesterol rate.
  • It is a very good protector for diabetic patient to control sugar rate.
  • It grows the prevention power of disease in our body.
  • Asthma’s patient will be highly benefited consuming Okra continuously.
  • It protects kidney from further damage or failure.
  • It absorbs glucose from the food and deliver it to the blood directly.

Besides okra protects our skin from various problems, protects our eyes and increases eye sights; and also protects from colon cancer. It increases blood plasma if we eat Okra regularly. Following this method, we can easily solve our bloodlessness. Besides, its Follett element helps mother’s pregnancy and allows child to grow up properly and performs particularly. To become healthy, one can add this food of his regular consumption list.

Suitable Soil for Okra Farming

Loamy and sandy loamy soil is best suited for it. It is possible to grow in other kind of soil if there is sufficient drainage and irrigation facilities.

Kinds of Okra

Okra is mainly of two kinds- Red Okra and Green Okra. It is also cultivated in several colloquial names but they have no actual recognition.

Suitable Period of Okra Farming

Okra can be cultivated throughout the year. But, it is usually grown in summer for better production and extraordinary refreshment.

The Amount of Seed

okra seed photosFor expected and bumper production, we must use 4-5 kg of seeds per hector.

Sowing Time of Okra

The seeds are made soaked for 24 hours before sowing. The land is made by ploughing deeply and made the soil drizzling with ladder. The distance from dam to row is 75 cm and 2 or 3 seeds is sowed one after another having a distance of 45 cm. According to verity, 15 cm space can be increased or decreased between seedling to seedling and raw to raw. During the winter, the seedlings grow less than the other seasons. So the distance can decrease. A healthy seedling is sowed per hole after growing, the rest of the plant must be lifted from the hole.

The Amount of Fertilizer

  Fertilizer                                            Per Hector  

  • Cow dung                                   18 ton
  • Mustard oil cake                         425 kg
  • Urea                                            55-60 kg
  • TSP                                              85-90 kg
  • MOP                                            55-60 kg

Fertilizer Application Method

small okra treeAll the fertilizer except Urea should be mixed well for making land. Seed will be sowed in land after mixing manure 10-15 days. Urea manure is applied in two installment equally. The first installment is applied after growing 40-50 days.

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The upper section of soil should be loosen by hoe. The land must be kept free from weeds all times. Approximately after 10-12 days, irrigation is applied continually according to the kinds of soil. Irrigation is given after applying first manure.

Insect Management

The driller insects of Okra damages it mostly. The folder insects, white flies, red flies insects also damage the production of Okra intensely.

Disease Management

Yellow vein transparency is the most damaging disease. Stain on leaf are also seen.

Collecting Harvest of Okra

The blooming starts after sowing the seeds for 6-8 weeks and Okra seems to be shaped within 3-5 days after it. According to the types, it is collected when it reaches to a length of 8-10 cm. You want to see how to grow okra in container.

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